Qualis Computer Science

Qualis values for Scientific Events are updated according to the 2017-2020 Quadrennial. For Journals, there may be a difference between the percentile values of Scopus (CiteScore), Web of Science (Clarivate), and Google Scholar h-indexes (h5 or h10). Always consider the biggest (better) Qualis.
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Warning 01: The results referring to the EVENTS/CONFERENCES presented on this page were based on the Report of the Qualis Events Commission of the `Quadrienal 2017-2020` Assessment (Area of Assessment: Computing). REPORT OF THE QUALIS EVENTS COMMITTEE (QUADRIENAL 2017-2020) EVENTS WORKSHEET
Warning 02: For the JOURNALS table, automation was performed via Python script, which searches the Percentile value (through an API) for the links of the Journals in SCOPUS and applies the rule as described in the Journals Infographic. This script updates a Google Sheets spreadsheet, which is automatically replicated in the query on the Journals tab on this page. This worksheet contains the links used, the dates of the updates, and the logs referring to the automatic search attempts. For the H5 calculation rules of Journals, the 'Report (Computer Science 2019)' and 'Methodology (Quadrenium 2017-2020)' were considered. SCOPUS API JOURNALS WORKSHEET METHODOLOGY (QUADRENIUM 2017-2020) REPORT (COMPUTER SCIENCE 2019)
Warning 03: The Python script code used for this process is available for public consultation on GitHub, as well as to receive feedback on code improvements. Some information in the script regarding credentials has been omitted due to the security of access to my Google account. SCRIPT
Warning 04: To request the insertion of new Periodicals, fill in the new Form available on the Journals tab, following the observations in the description of the form itself, which I will insert. FORM
Warning 05: Any inconsistency found or feedback, please contact me: Olimar Teixeira Borges